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ReduzierBen – Week #275

Standstill at 110.5 kilos. It’s annoying, but it’s part of it. Then the mark has to fall next week. I think it was a little unhealthy eating this week. So again more discipline next week!

Kilo : 110.5 | FAT : 31.6 | BMI : 32.6

Der Dicke Wal 22/40

I proudly present a perfect week. Highlight was the late run yesterday, first time 2.5k in a row and I was absolutely okay.

Activity #1 | Running | 14:45 min | 2.21 km

Activity #2 | Swimming | 25:00 min | 0.75 km

Activity #3 | Running | 17:33 min | 2.53 km

Activity #4 | Crosstrainer | 30:00 min | 4.25 km

Daily Biking : 20.23 km

ReduzierBen – Week #274

Made a quite nice jump last week, from 111.9 to 110.5 kilo. Very close now to my original full year target of losing 20 kilo. Hopefully, tomorrow, although I have the feeling I might gained a bit of weight this week, but let’s see. Will get there anyway, doesn’t matter if this or next week. And I will achieve much more.

Kilo : 110.5 | FAT : 30.5 | BMI : 32.7

Der Dicke Wal 22/39

Last week should have and could have much better, but special circumstances kept me away from sport.

Activity #1 | Ergometer | 30:00 min | 12.91 km

Activity #2 | Swimming | 25:00 min | 0.75 km

Daily Biking : 10.82 km

Ich Komme Niemals An – CALLEJON

Also the boys from CALLEJON are about to release a new long player soon and one of the first songs knows how to please. This is one of the bands I only aware of due to my beloved Bruderschmerz and I am very thankful for this revelation. Aus kalter AscheTief in mir vergrabenBaute es ein FundamentAuf dem leere Häuser steh’n Von den DächernSäuselt esDoch eure WorteKann ich nicht...

Depp der Woche 22/40

Friedrich Merz! Ja, schon wieder Merz. Ich kann ja nichts dafür, wenn der Typ so viel Unsinn erzählt. Diese Woche hat er versucht die Meute in Niedersachsen gegen RotGrün aufzupeitschen, in dem er sie darauf einschwor, dass die morgige Landtagswahl auch eine Abstimmung über das Kernkraftwerk in Lingen sei und es letztlich also darum ginge, ob die Niedersachsen demnächst im Dunklen sitzen, oder...

Depp der Woche 22/39

Friedrich Merz! Es war ja nun klar, dass Fotzenfritz (ich schaffe es einfach nicht, dass nicht zu denken, danke Martin Sonneborn!) keine konstruktive Oppositionsarbeit betreiben wird, aber dass er sich billigster Anti-Ausländer bzw. Flüchtlings-Polemik bedient, ist dann schon eine Enttäuschung. Obwohl ne, eigentlich nicht. Merz tut genau das, was ich bon ihm erwartet habe. Letzte Woche empörte er...

Personal OKR Review – 09/2022

Yet very late again, but here we go … My Personal Health Index improved quite nicely, due to a certain thing, but also I’m very close to reaching my weight loss goal for this year. Just little progress, but I will get some stuff done the next weeks. I finished the first draft for my first short story of my new backlog and I work on others, but nothing is published yet, therefore no...

Within – Daft Punk

Such a wonderful song, I ignored way too long … There are so many things that I don’t understand There’s a world within me that I cannot explain Many rooms to explore, but the doors look the sameI am lost I can’t even remember my name I’ve been, for some timeLooking for someoneI need to know nowPlease tell me who I am I’ve been, for some timeLooking for...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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