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O Children – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

I just rewatched the whole Harry Potter saga. Besides Snapes Memories, this is my most favourite scene with an amazing song. Kudos to whoever had the idea including this masterpiece into the movie. Goosebumps. Pass me that lovely little gunMy dear, my darling oneThe cleaners are coming, one by oneYou don’t even want to let them start They are knocking now upon your doorThey measure the...

Insights : Boxing

I suck at boxing. Literally and metaphorically speaking. Not the punching one though (I also can’t do that though), I mean packaging. Disappointing. After all this rounds of Tetris one should thing, I would be better at it.

ReduzierBen – Week #193

Pretty pissed to be forced to report that I not just haven’t lost weight, I even gained weight. Sure, not much, but still. I’m disappointed. Seven more weeks to loose 5 kilo, 5,3 to be precise …

Kilo : 124.3 | FAT : 36.7 | BMI : 36.2

Godzilla vs. King – Trailer #1

If there is one thing I’m missing – besides going to the movies itself of course, then that’s great trailer. Of course there had been a few the last past months, but Hollywood really came to an halt in the last months. My last trailer review was more than a year ago. Now, the first trailer for the long awaited confrontation of the two most famous monsters Godzilla vs. Kong is a...

A Friend – Ludwig Göransson

This scene, this moment is very Star Wars. And not just because of this specific character or the action or the effects – it’s the score which makes the scene. Whoever chose Ludwig Göransson to score for The Mandalorian made a very good choice. I love the score for both Creed’s and he keeps to surprise me. Great composer! And the thing is, he is my age, so he has still some time...

Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns N’ Roses

How incredible great this band was in the 90’s. Sound, lyrics and of course the epic videos. I saw them live 2018 which was not really a good concert. What I would give to be able to see them live back then. Such an amazing band. She’s got a smile that it seems to meReminds me of childhood memoriesWhere everything was as fresh as the bright blue skyNow and then when I see her faceShe...

Waiting On A War – Foo Fighters

Have to say I’m kinda looking forward to the new Foo Fighter long player. Have the feeling I’ll like more than just one or two songs this time … I’ve been waiting on a war since I was youngSince I was a little boy with a toy gunNever really wanted to be number oneJust wanted to love everyone Is there more to this than that?Is there more to this than that?Is there more to...

Everybody Knows – Sigrid

I can’t wait for the Snyder Cut for Justice League – it is impossible that it will be worse than the the theatrical version, messed up by Joss Whedon. One of the few highlights of the year or things I look forward to, for a year I have in general no special expectations towards to yet. I have to admit that I made my peace with Batman vs. Superman meanwhile. Sure, the story is a bit...

ReduzierBen – Week #192

Nothing new, still 124 kilo. That’s really bitter. Still no sports, but I again behaved, third week in a row and now progress. But at least I stopped the upwards trend, to say something positive …

I want minus five kilo by Week #200. So, here we go.

Kilo : 124.0 | FAT : 36.7 | BMI : 36.2

Depp der Woche 21/02

Friedrich Merz! Der Fotzenfritz unterliegt bei der Wahl zum CDU Vorsitzenden Armin Laschet, hat kein Bock auf Parteiarbeit und bietet stattdessen an, jetzt sofort das Wirtschaftsministerium zu übernehmen. Gehts noch?! Diese kleine humoristische Entgleisung mag man mir verzeihen, jedoch hat Martin Sonneborn dafür gesorgt das ich bei Merz immer sofort an diesen unrühmlichen Spitznamen denken muss...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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