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Star Trek: Picard – Trailer

The teaser trailer for the highly anticipated Star Trek sequel Picard was already brilliant, it basically let me fall in love with Trek all over again, but it keeps getting better. There is still so many things unclear, but we’re getting more and more what get’s a Trekkie hyped. Besides Data, Seven, the Borg and and and, it’s the Trois at this time at the end of trailer. Love to...

ReduzierBen – Week #126

1.2 kilo less is a good start into the new cycle, but I don’t really celebrate it as it doesn’t really reflect the reality I guess. Well it does, but the result of last week – 111.2 kilo – didn’t. That was the result after an especially bad week and therefore not entirely true I think. I tried to behave this week, but also made some exceptions. So this – 110...

Der Dicke Wal 19/40

Again not a perfect result, but a better one for sure. Also the actual activities have been quite okay. Next week I should be able to deliver a perfect result. Let’s see.

Activity #1 | Biking | 69:04 min | 21.46 km

Activity #2 | Running | 36:00 min | 5.06 km

Activity #3 | Training | 58:04 min

Daily Biking : 7.78 km

Intro – Juju (prod Krutsch)

Vermissen is not the only great song from Juju’s debut long player Bling Bling – by far not actually. More or less every song has something. I really like her style. Looking forward for things to come. “Die Olle bleibt safe”, like someone stated on YouTube. Nuff said. Hehe, jaRapper hab’n kein’n Bock mehr auf Rappen (ey)Rappern fällt nix mehr einIch war nicht...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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