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ReduzierBen – Week #127

As I was traveling again and not watching my nutrition I gained another 0,9 kilo again. And now with the vacation … maybe I should start properly with my goal to lose those damn ten kilo after I’m back. At least I should not expect to have lost any gram for then I’m back. Must prepare for the opposite actually.

Kilo : 110.9 | FAT : 30.7 | BMI : 32.4

Der Dicke Wal 19/41

Last week was not that good, only two activities but both have been decent runs, so I’m cool with that. Due to vacation there will be maximum two activities for this week, maybe even just one but I guess, that’s part of this whole concept of vacation …

Activity #1 | Running | 48:35 min | 6.62 km

Activity #2 | Running | 36:02 min | 5.02 km

Daily Biking : 43.45 km

Sonic Empire – Members of Mayday

Last day before disappear for vacation. Real vacation, we no work at all, not even the possibility to work. I think, that’s the first real vacation my life. There is still a lot of stuff to do today, but I slowly try to bring myself in some sort of vacation mode. I don’t really know or like party music but this kind of let me thing about better or warmer days somehow … P.S. I...

Personal OKR – 19/40

Last year I tried an OKR-like approach for myself to get stuff done. It didn’t really work ands I abandoned it after some months. Like anything else actually. In general, I like this framework. Since the first time I got in touch with it some years ago, I though it can be very powerful, if done correctly. The idea behind OKR is to define goals not for the sake of goals, but because of what...

Star Wars Episode IX – Special Look D23

Talking about falling in love all over again … While we should be just days away from the new trailer, I had a look again at the Special Look trailer for Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker at this years D23. I kind of expected it, at least I hoped for it but I was not sure if J.J. Abrams will be able to fix the trilogy. It’s still not clear of course, but it sure looks like, he’s...

Star Trek: Picard – Trailer

The teaser trailer for the highly anticipated Star Trek sequel Picard was already brilliant, it basically let me fall in love with Trek all over again, but it keeps getting better. There is still so many things unclear, but we’re getting more and more what get’s a Trekkie hyped. Besides Data, Seven, the Borg and and and, it’s the Trois at this time at the end of trailer. Love to...

ReduzierBen – Week #126

1.2 kilo less is a good start into the new cycle, but I don’t really celebrate it as it doesn’t really reflect the reality I guess. Well it does, but the result of last week – 111.2 kilo – didn’t. That was the result after an especially bad week and therefore not entirely true I think. I tried to behave this week, but also made some exceptions. So this – 110...

Der Dicke Wal 19/40

Again not a perfect result, but a better one for sure. Also the actual activities have been quite okay. Next week I should be able to deliver a perfect result. Let’s see.

Activity #1 | Biking | 69:04 min | 21.46 km

Activity #2 | Running | 36:00 min | 5.06 km

Activity #3 | Training | 58:04 min

Daily Biking : 7.78 km

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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