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Bei Dir – KUMMER

Not much of a Kraftklub fan, but I like what the singer Felix Kummer is doing solo. First songs from his upcoming long player KIOX sound promising. Definitely looking forward finally listening to the whole thing. Ich bin ein bisschen kompliziertIch hab’ nie so richtig funktioniertIch bin defekt, so oft mit Menschen kollidiertUnd im Endeffekt ist alles ständig eskaliertIch sage dauernd dumme...

ReduzierBen – Week #125

Yeah – finally over 110 kilo again! Even pretty clear. Why I’m celebrating this disaster? It means I now gained more or less exactly ten kilo since February this year. This is horrible of course. It’s not just numbers, I also feel more fat. Let’s put it this way … The other day I met someone with a t-shirt stating Small Tits Club. I said I could wear such a t-shirt...

Der Dicke Wal 19/39

Rather embarrassing starting this again with such poor result, but okay, that’s what it is. I could use the excuse that I was traveling most of the week, but i the end I was back on Saturday noon and had enough time to do more. I was just not feeling like it. At least I was in the gym again, first time since weeks. Even though it was very short, at least I tried. Activity #1 | Training |...

Mensch – Herbert Grönemeyer

So Herbie takes a stand against right-wing radicalism at one of his concerts (something he was doing again and again) and because he uses kind of radical words on his own, the right-wing assholes try to connect him with dictatorship, censorship and what not. Okay, if you thing so. Seriously, this poor victim-narrative is so obvious and boring. Thing is, they want to make the impression they are...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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