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Insight : Yoga

I really should do Yoga. Says the evil massage-man. Weightlifting does not solve my problem. Of course that’s also not true, it would help if I build up some more muscles for my back. But in the end, this will not cure my scoliosis – nothing will cure this. And it’s not that it would need healing, but it has an effect and a better movability could help. Thing is … I hate...

Das Buch – Sido

Mister Würdig is panning out a new long player at the moment and the first tunes know how to please. I especially like “Das Buch” – classical “I’m the greatest” bla bla and the video is pure American gangster bullshit (not sure what’s the goal here as it doesn’t really fit to the lyrics – or Sido for that matter), but the song is quite cool...

Vermissen – Juju feat. Henning May

It’s been a while … I stumbled across JuJu lately and I really like her. Let me thing about the good old times when Schwester S turned the hip hop scene in Germany upside down. Strong melancholic song, also thanks to Mr. May of course. Also like the record a lot, but this is clearly the best song. Weißt du noch, als wir am Meer waren?Baby, wie lang ist es schon her, alsDu meintest, du...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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