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Insight : Weaknesses

My biggest strengths, are also my biggest weaknesses. Or even enemies. Not really a surprise, surely not the first time this becomes clear to me and maybe it’s not even that uncommon, but its surely an unsettling insight every time. Fighting something, what you thing makes you at least a little bit special, is a tough assignment.

ReduzierBen – Week #99

It fits that in this week I massively gained weight. Sure, I was not treating myself properly (this I remember, although details are a blur), but 2,8 kilo is still bullshit. Last time I weighted over 106 kilo was in October 2017. I would have been angry, pissed and sad at this, but I was just to KO to feel anything really. This should not stand of course and it needs to be corrected as soon as...

Der Dicke Wal 19/12

I think calendar week 12 was the worst week I had in a long time, with all its consequences. This also reflected in my sportive results. There was just no energy to do more.

Activity #1 | Biking | 48:04 min | 15.85 km

Daily Biking : 63.94 km

Der Dicke Wal 19/11

Two weeks ago sport was better, but still not perfect. But at least three activities.

Activity #1 | Crosstrainer | 30:00 min | 4.49 km

Activity #2 | Ergometer | 31:24 min | 15.00 km

Activity #3 | Training | 51:13 min

Daily Biking : 31.20 km

Der Dicke Wal 19/10

Before posting the pathetic results of four weeks in a row tonight, I quickly add the last three weeks before. I had a bad time and it also shows in the sport results. Three weeks ago it was quite bad, just one activity. But I had an excuse. Was trying out squad again after ages and got a quite severe muscle ache afterwards and couldn’t barely move. Activity #1 | Training | 63:20 min Daily...


Nun habe ich mal wieder ein paar Tage frei und könnte mich anderen Dingen widmen. Der Wortschöpferei zum Beispiel. Könnte, tue ich aber nicht. Noch nicht. Aber ich möchte. Aber ich finde keinen Ansatz. Nach wie vor, erscheint es mir kompliziert. Grad sah ich folgendes Bild vor meinem geistigen Auge: Ich wandle durch die endlosen Gänge meines Verstandes. Schummriges Licht, trockene Luft...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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