BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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Trailer Super Bowl LI

Some days ago, there has been this annual, little local sport event called super something. Actually, I don’t really know what it is about but they do some stuff between the whatever. Some singing i think, dancing but mostly they show some exclusive spots for upcoming movies. Let’s have a look back on the most important ones. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Again...

Mercy Street – Peter Gabriel

To the darkness within me. Looking down on empty streets, all she can seeAre the dreams all made solidAre the dreams all made real All of the buildings, all of those carsWere once just a dreamIn somebody’s head She pictures the broken glass, she pictures the steamShe pictures a soulWith no leak at the seam Lets take the boat outWait until darknessLet’s take the boat outWait until...

Fallin’ – Alicia Keys

Washed in my timeline during the day. Still a great song from a simple time. At least, it feels like that. I keep on fallin’In and out of loveWith youSometimes I love yaSometimes you make me blueSometimes I feel goodAt times I feel usedLovin’ you darlin’Makes me so confused I keep on fallin’In and out of love with youI never loved someoneThe way that I love youOh, oh, I...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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