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Nobel was Dylan fan

Bob Dylan get’s the Nobel Prize for Literature. Well, of course. Makes totally sense … Not mocking Dylan’s skills and talent, but shouldn’t be this price for authors, not song-maker? People that actually create literature, not songs? Because if it’s fine to award this gifted song-maker, others would deserve this honor as well. But don’t we have...

Insight : Different

Instead of fighting my (unhealthy) bio-rhythm I can’t really change (obviously) every day, being pissed and angry with and about myself every day, I finally should accept it and make it work. So I’m not working like others – who cares? If I can make it work somehow for me, then that’s who I am, how I work.

Ben – fucking deal with it!

Insight : Incompleteness

I don’t feel comfortable yet. And it’s not even feeling as a strange that frustrates me right now. It’s the environment, the feeling of… incompleteness? I don’t know. First of all, I need a bigger desk and don’t feel so cramped. I need to enter the Ben-Modus again. Deliver. Do something. But right now, I can’t really concentrate there. That’s a big...

Insight : Unproductive

I hate feeling unproductive. Watching the hours go by. Of course this was my first day and I don’t even have access to everything I need, but I wanna get into it right away. Feel productive, needed, yes valuable.

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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