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Insight : Morning Person

I’m incapable of getting up early in the morning. I can do it, when I have an early appointment, when I agreed to be somewhere on time but whenever it is up to me, I can’t. I get up, out of bed that is, just to crash on my couch for another 2-3 hours. it’s broken. This “get up early and get shit done” is broken. I wouldn’t be worried though if my working-late...

Rambo – New Blood

Everything I heard about the next chapter for John Rambo in the last couple of years have been horrible. From super soldiers to a TV series to prequels. Now the Hollywood Reporter announced that the next installment of the franchise will be indeed a reboot without Mr Stallone of course. Not very surprising yet annoying. I’ just waiting they announce Dwayne Johnson next as John Rambo as he...

Bleibt Alles Anders – Herbert Grönemeyer

A lot of german songs lately. Well, there some bands / singer-songwriter that are actually quite good in this country. Undoubtedly one of them is Mr Grönemeyer, one of the most gifted texter this country has to offer. I think this phase in the late 90’s and early 2000’s have been especially strong. Also the video is extremely good. Bleibt Alles Anders could be also some kind of mantra...

Nobel was Dylan fan

Bob Dylan get’s the Nobel Prize for Literature. Well, of course. Makes totally sense … Not mocking Dylan’s skills and talent, but shouldn’t be this price for authors, not song-maker? People that actually create literature, not songs? Because if it’s fine to award this gifted song-maker, others would deserve this honor as well. But don’t we have...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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