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Bond, Jane Bond

While it’s still not completely clear that SPECTRE will be Daniel Craig’s last 007, there is a illustrious debate about his successor. Idris Elba and Damian Lewis seems to be the hottest candidates to follow Daniel Craig as the agency with the licenses to kill. In the end, i think it will be Idris Elba. But there is also this very interesting...

Version 2.5.3

I finally fucking did it. The next little update for my Stage. It’s ridiculous. Basically, i just wanted to add some images for the main categories. Task of just a few minutes, but it took me several days. I tested dozen of images, dozen of styles, full-color, blurry, black and white, just a little bit color, colorful gradient… Background images should be exactly that : background...

Sterne – Der W

The one Weidner song even she liked. Happy Birthday. I hope you’re good. I really do. Eine rostige Sonne strahltVom Rand der Welt herabDie Dämmerung verjagtDie letzten Reste vom TagAugen, die vor Sehnsucht glüh’nGroße grübelnde SeenDu funkelst im dunkelnWenn alle schlafen geh’n Ja, wir sindWir sind SterneWild und frei und ungebundenWir sind SterneAm Horizont, hallo da untenWir...

Ohne Dich – Rammstein

Because I’m attending the LIVE in AMERIKA event tonight in the CinemaxX, here’s one of my all time favorites. Let me think about the one i lost, while i had her… Ich werde in die Tannen gehenDahin wo ich sie zuletzt gesehenDoch der Abend werft ein Tuch aufs LandUnd auf die Wege hinterm WaldesrandUnd der Wald er steht so schwarz und leerWeh mir oh wehUnd die Vögel singen nicht...

London Calling – The Clash

Loved this song from the first second The Women introduced me to this awesome band. Pure energy and a special vibe i can’t really explain. And of course, always the face of The Women in my mind … London calling to the faraway townsNow war is declared and battle come downLondon calling to the underworldCome out of the cupboard, you boys and girlsLondon calling, now don’t look to...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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